Glenn Roger Lyse (born April 4, 1974 in Stavanger) is a Norwegian musician (vocal and guitar), songwriter and winner of Norwegian Idol 2007. Before joining Idol, he has lived in music for several years, including musician and member of local bands, among them the trio Nash and the 90’s band Jampack along with. He was also featured in Stars in sight on TV2 in the autumn of 1996.

Glenn Lyse won 21 December 2007 Idol final in Oslo Spektrum in competition with Bjørn Johan Muri. The following day, the winning song “Days Go By” was released as his first single. The prize for the victory is a record contract with Sony BMG which involves the release of an album. The album, which Lyse recorded at the beginning of 2008, was released March 10, 2008 and was named Come Closer. Lyse has even written all the songs to the album, with the exception of «Days Go By». The song “Guilty” was released as another single from the album in February 2008.

Glenn Lyse has more iron in the fire. They are the band of a girls quartet, where Marion Ravn, Lise Karlsnes, Bertine Zetlitz and Venke Knutson together form a strong musical force together through a remarkable show.

Glenn Lyse is also a strongly integrated part of the artist package, which featured on one of TV2’s summer tours. Here you will meet Katrina and the Waves, Cutting Crew, Øyvind “Elg” Elgenes, Knut Erik Østgård from Return, Tommy Ekmann and Christer Sandelin in Swedish Style and many other 80s lads everyone has a relationship with. Glenn Lyse backs all and together, this constitutes a composition that makes unprecedented arrangements for the events they attend.

Glenn Lyse has extensive experience as a band with both Norwegian and international artists, and thrives very well on such tasks. Some of these are Madcon, Marit Larsen, Thomas and Harald, Jahn Teigen, Helene Bøksle, Spandau Ballet, Hanne Boel, Espen Lind, Bye & Rønning, Trang Birth, Kurt Nilsen, Aslak Haugen, Dag Ingebrigtsen and Bjarne Brøndbo to name a few . In addition, Glenn Lyse has his musicians all experience and regular engagement with large parts of the artist community.

Last but not least, the band likes to sing alone with its own vocalist and then with a strong popular repertoire and empathy. For the band it is important to keep the nerve and feeling in the songs and ergo play on the recognition factor of the audience. Join in a good portion of game play and dedication, and Glenn Lyse promises music experiences that create good mood for several generations ..

Glenn Lyse works closely with the biggest event firms in the country. The clients range from large companies to smaller companies and organizations. Whatever the need, location and goal, Glenn Lyse has the experience to ensure entertainment, both in Norway and abroad.

Glenn Lyse also produces own music for their own and others’ use. Ergo, songs, vignettes and other musical needs can be tailored to the client.

Glenn Lyse’s broad musical experience enables them to create different musical expressions at a high level.